Just stumbled across your blog and while reeling from frantic clicking energy sapped hypogylcemia and dehydration brought about by an obscene amount of drool, I came to the conclusion that I think I love you. Thank you, that is all. from Anonymous

:) And I love you for this message! Thanks so much!

do you know how to make cookies not come out flat? Like mine seem to look okay in the oven but when they come out and cool off; they tasted fine but looked like pancakes! This happens to all recipes i try! im gonna be an epic fail of a baker if i cant even make chocolate cookies right... from dreamspassbeforemyeyes

If you’re using butter, unless otherwise specified make sure it’s softened, NOT melted. Melted butter will make the dough a bit too thin and your cookies will end up more like pancakes, like you said. You can also try chilling your dough before you spoon it out and bake it, or you can chill the cookie sheet itself if you’re still having problems.